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Kelly W.

Heather photographed a charity event hosted by United Way of Collier County. She volunteered her time and services, and she was great from start to finish. She was pleasant to work with and took some great shots of our event. We look forward to working with her again for future events.

Tiff G.

Heather did a wonderful job taking photos of our family on Naples beach. She is very kind and calm and that is everything you can hope for from a photographer taking pictures with kids. Great pictures our family will enjoy for many years to come. Thank you very much!

Hopelyn L.

Heather has captured some of the most beautiful pictures of my children! They turned out absolutely amazing!!! My youngest child has a particular diagnoses that makes it extremely hard for her to stay focused and to be still. Heather still captured some amazing shots of her. I am very pleased with the results.

Katy D.
Heather was great to work with, and we love our pictures from my son's engagement on the beach! She had scouted out the potential spot beforehand to prepare and accommodated our requests. All the photos were great.

Tami Dawson - Photo Resource Hawaii         

 Heather Titus is a wonderful portrait photographer! She lived in Hawaii for many years and her portraits of children were loved by many! I have been her stock photo rep. for many years selling her photos around the world for many projects!

Anjel W.
Heather has a phenomenal eye, gives concise directions, and is respectful of your time, energy, and essence. It was a privilege to work with such a professional and conceptual artist.

SJ LeHoven      

Heather takes her years of experience as a nature photographer to making professional and memorable portraits. Her care for the client is evident in every shot.

Pat Banning

  Fantastic photography! Working with this photographer always a pleasure!

Cindi Wong     

  Heather is a pleasure to work with and delivers photos very quickly post-event.

Chris Weger  

  Heather takes incredibly beautiful photos, whether of landscapes or flowers ( for which she is well known ) but also portraits of my two young daughters that I still cherish. Give her a try - you won’t be disappointed!

Amy Yamamoto  

  Penmar Publishing Co.   Our business has had the privilege of printing Heather Titus’ book of stunning photos of Hawaii and it’s people, Oahu’s Beautiful Essence and the Spirit of Aloha. We found Heather to be passionate and detail oriented about her work. Heather’s photography not only captures the essence of a place but also the spirit behind it. Not all photographers are alike. It’s a rare photographer that can do more than capture an image, but also the essence of an individual.

Nowadays, we rely on selfies and taking photos with our smartphones. However, life events happen only once and if you want it done right, you won’t be disappointed with Heather.

Bobby O.

I enjoyed the flexible, dedicated, and professionalism that was demonstrated. The creative and artistic approach is something that simply can't be taught and is more of an intuitive approach, which they provided. I will be back!

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