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      808-261-9333                             What to expect:

                                       A warm welcome in a relaxed atmosphere lends itself to a feeling of ease.

                                                              You will discover yourself in beautiful light. 

                                   Prior to your session we will have designed the look and feel of your sitting

                                            and how you would like to immortalize these moments captured,

                                              via wall decor, folio box, an elegant, personalized bound book,

                                                        and digital images to share with family and friends.


                                                                               Outdoor locations:

                                                                     These options can be explored. 

                                                   Some settings on this property make wonderful backdrops:

                                                   cobblestone walkways, bridges, country style porch setting, 

                                                        field with wild grasses, or garden flowers, ponds with

                                                    waterfalls, barns, all accessible close by in Franklin.

                                      My background: I have been photographing for more than 20 years.

                  My images have graced the covers of magazines, editorially, nationally and internationally.

                                                             I have published 3 pictorial books of Hawaii.

                                    The first book placed 5 times on the bestsellers list over a span of 2 years

                                               I have a love and passion to capture beautiful moments

                                      that in a breath of light fade never to be seen again in the same way!

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